All donations are greatly appreciated. Because we are a non-profit school, we are run by volunteer parents and rely heavily on the support of the community and grants from the government. In addition, we accept donations throughout the year in the form of Dixie Cups, Kleenex, gently used toys, craft supplies, goldfish crackers, etc. If you have anything that you think would make a good donation, please contact our fundraiser.

Below are a few of our fundraising events.

Chili Cook-Off: Children and their families volunteer to enter their own fun and unique chili. Tickets are sold to family and friends whom come and taste test and vote on their favourite chili. A prize is awarded to the top three chilies. Door prizes and a 50-50 draw are part of this family friendly event.

Trike-A-Thon: Children collect pledges and ride their trikes or bicycles around a track in the church parking lot.  Children are encouraged to get in the spirit and decorate their bikes.  This fundraiser has been very successful in the past.  It’s a great way for the children and their families to get to know each other.

Scholastic Book Club: Each month you will receive a flyer from the Elf book club.  The books in the flyer are all geared towards preschool aged children.  They are excellent quality books at a great price.  Stepping Stones receives free books and a percentage of our monthly sales in bonus coupons which can be used to purchase books, teaching aids and equipment for the classroom.

If you have any other fundraising ideas, or would like to donate to Stepping Stones, please click here to contact our fundraiser, or call Stepping Stones at 705-725-1259.