Our Philosophy

5At Stepping Stones, we let kids be kids. We know that each child is special and each has unique differences. Given their varying needs, our Registered Early Childhood Educators provide inviting preschool programs with an atmosphere that promote learning and fun. Children attending Stepping Stones learn tolerance, cooperation, confidence, and independence. They can play freely, constructively and creatively.

The Preschool Program

As a play-based program, the children at Stepping Stones are learn through their independent and interactive play. They are provided with many choices and are encouraged to become involved in a variety of activities but ultimately the level of participation, is the child’s decision.

The Stepping Stones preschool program teaches children to interact and learn respect for their classmates, teachers and adults other than their parents. Their curiosity, creativity, social skills and self-esteem will be stimulated and enhanced. Most importantly, we strive to teach the children appropriate social and developmental skills, preparing them for Kindergarten, the next big stepping-stone in life.

Our preschool program involves numerous activities within the classroom, computer room and gymnasium. There are also theme days, special guests, field trips, plays, fundraising activities and of course, graduation!